Why Landlords Need Utility Billing Services

If you are a landlord, you will want to know how much water your tenants are using and how to charge them accordingly. Water is a valuable resource that is becoming increasingly expensive, and if you have tenants, you shouldn’t have to pay for their excessive water use. Make sure each renter is accountable for his or her own utilies with a metering and billing system that will track each apartment. You can conveniently add the amount of water and electricity used by each tenant to each bill. Utility billing services take the hassle out of trying to read meters and allow you to invest the time in more profitable ways.

A provider of utility billing services should have a proven track record of success and advanced metering techniques to track exactly how much water is used in each location. Look for a company that has submetering billing services and handles all of the payment processing. A number of providers allow tenants to pay online for added convenience. Many services allow customers to pay with credit cards, echecks or Paypal.

Check that the provider of utility billing services has accurate, secure information. Look for a company that has efficient metering and keeps information securely on the cloud. If a computer is hacked with malware, records can be lost, and that translates into a loss of money. With cloud-based technology, data is secure and bills are accurate. Opt for a full service provider that handles every phase of utility billing services, from metering and submetering to billing and handling questions and disputes. You may no longer have to deal with tenants who dispute their bills and utility charges if you have a service provider that can show data instantly and resolve complaints as well as answer questions as needed.

Many people own property, but hesitate renting it out because of the headaches involved with being a landlord. In addition to concerns tenants may damage property are worries about expenses they can create through use of water and electricity. Ensure you are fully reimbursed for utility costs with accurate submetering and utility billing services that will enable you to save money and avoid dealing with conflicts with tenants over utility use. Accurate measurement, secure data storage and prompt billing will take the hassle out of charging tenants for utilities. In addition, you may never have to remind a tenant to pay a bill with billing services taken care of for you.

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