Why it is Important to Understand Milwaukee WI Radon Mitigation

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Environment

Radon is a natural gas which has radioactive particles. It is found almost everywhere, and has been linked to lung damage. As a result, more buildings are being tested for the problem. They are being treated when a problem is found. Since the gas can affect anyone, you should know the basic facts about Radon, which include:

  • ITS AFFECTS: When pressurized earth under a building pushes through the foundation or into spaces, it allows elements in. These can include Radon. Of all the contaminants that can seep into a house, Radon is the most dangerous in large quantities. It has been linked to lung damage. The EPA estimates that about 24,000 non smokers die from lung cancer each year. Other countries report similar statistics. The U.S. Surgeon General has issued a warning about Radon.
  • TESTING: Increased awareness of Radon’s potential as a health hazard has resulted in the creation of detection kits. Occupants can test Radon levels in their own building. The tests come with instructions, and the results need to be sent to a lab for analysis. However, when a problem is found, it needs to be handled by experts who specialize in
  • Milwaukee WI Radon Mitigation
  • Since Radon levels can fluctuate due to weather or other conditions, a single test may not be accurate. Professionals can perform expert tests, with accurate results.
  • MITIGATION: The term “mitigation” means reducing the seriousness of a problem. During Milwaukee WI Radon Mitigation, professionals will typically install a mitigation system. This usually involves exhausting the gas from the home via a vent pipe system and a fan. Professionals, such as Radon Measurement and Elimination Services (RMES), are certified to perform the necessary inspections, and install equipment. They ensure that the systems are effective and meet safety criteria. They will also evaluate property, and design a system to meet individual needs.

Radon is a gas that occurs naturally in the earth, but can seep into homes and contribute to health problems. There is a kit that allows you to measure Radon levels, but it is not as accurate as professional testing. Experts can locate the gas, and then design a custom system to vent it safely away from your home.

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