Why is Carpet STILL Better Than Wood Laminate?

Home decor trends come and go, and new ones force home decorators to ask a lot of new questions. One of the latest trends capturing huge attention is the integration of what panels and laminate. It is a popular option for kitchens as well as extended dining rooms and living rooms. Some people tend to ignore carpet completely, or exclusively use it for bedrooms.

Though wood has its use in the home, there’s still plenty of practical benefits to carpeting. Some would even argue that carpet is still better than wood laminate, despite the huge captivating trend that surrounds it or all the new advances in laminate options. Below are just a few reasons to strongly consider carpet.

Carpet Has Textured

Homeowner’s that use wood paneling throughout their entire home often miss that soft texture beneath their feet. One of the benefits of carpet is that it remains warm and soft to the touch. There also a variety of thicknesses that can be applied. Some carpet can be flat, and have very fine threads that are tightly packed together. Others are much looser, offering a think and almost animal fur-like feeling to the feet. The threads can be felt between the toes, and that feeling is missed with calculated hardwood. It is a feeling that is only missed once it is gone.

Visual Softness

Though wood tends to provide a very contemporary feel, it cannot compete with the soft allure of light tan Discount Flooring in a large dining room. There is a soft dexterity in carpeting that cannot be mimicked with wood. The feeling is very different aesthetically.


On a final note, Discount Flooring is a whole lot cheaper when he comes in the form of carpet. The cost is applied in the installation, for carpeting can be done in a single day. Comparatively, hardwood flooring may take upwards of a week, and require a small crew to commit to the task.

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