Portrait Photography – Tips On Clicking Memorable Pictures!

If you have decided to consider portrait photography for your business, you may find that you aren’t sure what to do. It is usually best to hire a professional because they will have the right equipment and tools to ensure you look your best. Other tips on clicking memorable pictures can include what you want, your clothing, makeup/hair, jewellery and others.

General Tips

Before hiring a professional, you need to know what you expect from these portraits. Do you want to use them on social media to get a better following? Do you want to use them on billboards or other advertising methods? Would you like to shrink them and put them on a business card? While you’ll probably want to keep it professional, you may also want to show your playful side by looking relaxed and comfortable in your favourite Hawaiian shirt. Let them know what you want and what you expect so they do a good job.


Clothing is an important aspect of portrait photography. You can show the entire body or just the head and shoulders, so it’s necessary to think about the wardrobe. You want to be comfortable, but don’t wish to look like a slob, so choose clothes that fit you well. It’s usually best to avoid turtlenecks, large stripes and busy patterns. Stick to something simple and flattering.

Hair and Makeup

While some companies will offer to do your makeup and hair for you, most prefer that you arrive ready for the camera. Women should wear little makeup and only wear what compliments their facial structure and outfit. The hair should look professional, and you may want to get a haircut before the big shoot.


In most cases, jewellery shouldn’t be worn by men, other than wedding rings. You don’t want to look like a gangster for your company portrait. Women should also tone down their jewellery, keeping it simple with a wedding ring, necklace and bracelet, along with a simple pair of earrings if desired.

Lead, Don’t Follow

Don’t be afraid to lead the way for your competition. Memorable pictures don’t have to look stuffy, boring or be inside. Take photos outside by your company, use props or stand in front of your wide variety of products to get noticed in a way that others haven’t. If you offer various services, try to incorporate them in fun, imaginative ways.

If you are interested in tips for clicking memorable pictures using portrait photography, you’ll find a lot of helpful advice.

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