Why Choose a Credit Union for Banking in Hattiesburg MS

Many people in the Hattiesburg area are thinking about where they should be banking. Is the best choice a big bank? Are there other alternatives that might be better for some consumers. One option that many consumers should pick is to go to a credit union such as the Central Sunbelt FCU. There are a number of reasons why consumers should think about moving their accounts to a credit union when Banking in Hattiesburg MS.

First of all, credit unions might offer better Benefits for Banking in Hattiesburg Mississippi MS. For example, the interest rate on savings is often higher than at a big bank. Those who need to borrow money may find that interest rates are a lot lower when borrowing from a credit union. Over the course of a few years or even 30 years with a mortgage, the savings from paying a slightly lower interest rate may help consumers save thousands of dollars. The money that consumers can save by switching to a credit union may make changing financial institutions worthwhile.

Another reason to choose a credit union when Banking in Hattiesburg MS is that the service might be more person. The big banks are trying to get consumers to do all of their transactions either online or at the ATM. Ideally, the customer will never need to visit a bank branch. In the worst case, the consumer might use the phone to reach a bank’s call center for personal help. With many credit unions, customers who want personalized service are still welcome. Tellers often get to know the names of their frequent customers. Those who are intimidated with technology can still get their banking done in the traditional way by choosing a credit union that has local branches. Finally, the loan process is often more personal with a credit union. Humans are often making the loan decision at credit unions. At many big banks, a computer makes the final decision on a loan application.

The major disadvantage with switching to a credit union is having to move the checking account from one financial institution to another. It can take a lot of time and effort to move a checking account. However, many consumers find that the benefits of going with a credit union are worth the trouble. Click here for more information.

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