Types of Colored Sugar Sprinkles Available

When people think of sprinkles, they think of the little balls or short lines of delicious sugar. While Nonpareils and Jimmies are definitely part of the sprinkle nation, there are other options, including shaped sprinkles, coarse colored sugar sprinkles, edible glitter, Jimmies, Nonpareils, Sanding Sugar and Sugar Pearls. Another option is the Dragees, though these are not edible and must be removed from the cake or cookie before eating.

Shaped Sprinkles

Think of any color and any shape and you will likely find sprinkles that match. Sprinkles can come in white, multi-color, red, pink, orange, black, purple, blue, green and more. Many times, sprinkles are circular and multicolored in a color scheme that matches the holiday. For example, small, flat circles can be colored yellow, black, white, dark blue and orange and be used for Halloween while you can find red, green and white options for Christmas. Red and pink work perfectly for Valentine’s Day and there are many other options to consider.

Shapes can include butterflies, snowflakes, hearts, lips, fall leaves, Christmas trees, holly leaves and balls, stars, circles, daisies, cancer ribbons, jumbo circles, ghosts and goblins, candy canes and more.

Coarse Sugars

Nycake edible colored sugar sprinkles is large granules of sugar that is colored in different ways. It can be used as regular sprinkles. Colors can include gold, silver, white, pink, yellow, blue, red, lavender, green, black, orange and rainbow. Sizes include eight ounces, 16 ounces or eight pounds, depending on the color.


Jimmies are little tiny lines of sugar that are about one centimeter long. There are many great colors available, including solids of yellow, white, green, red, pink, black, lime green, orange, lavender, dark blue and teal.

Multiple color options are also available, including red/white/blue, rainbows, red/green, pastel Easter colors, pink/blue, Halloween colors and autumn colors. You can also find dark and regular chocolate versions that taste like chocolate and are dark or light brown in color.


These tiny little balls are made completely of sugar and come colored in many variations, so you can create the perfect cake or cookie. Solid colors include green, yellow, pink, blue, lavender, red, orange and white.

Sugar Pearls

When decorating a cake, you can always create edible beads by using molds, but some people prefer to place sugar pearls around the entire cake for an added appeal. Colors can include ivory, green, blue, white, black, red, pink, lavender and yellow.

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