Why a Thread Lift Is a Great Alternative to a Surgical Facelift

When a person looks at before and after pictures of individuals who have had a facelift, they do not have any doubt that the procedure can make a person look younger. In fact, studies have shown that the facelift procedure can take at least five years off of a person’s perceived appearance. While this procedure produces good results, many feel that it is not right for them because of its invasive nature.

For individuals who are not ready for surgery, there is another option. Individuals can enjoy a more youthful appearance with a no surgery face lift. This involves using PDO threads under the skin. The threads are gently inserted under the facial skin and instantly provide lift. In the months following the treatment, collagen will grow around the threads, which will provide a variety of benefits, including minimizing fine lines and adding more volume to the skin.

Another reason a person may be interested in a no surgery face lift is because they do not have to worry about downtime. Some individuals decide to go home after having a thread lift because there may be some redness or a bit of swelling. However, most people are back to living a normal life right away. When a person has a surgical facelift done, it may take weeks to recover.

A thread lift is also a cost-effective option. It is less expensive than a facelift and other cosmetic procedures.

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