Components That Comprise the Best Doughnuts in Chicago

If you’ve ever been inside a doughnut shop, then you know that there are usually several varieties available. Some shops sell items aside from doughnuts including coffee, tea, and sandwiches. Here are a few of the components of what it takes for a doughnut to be one that is among the best.


When you walk into a doughnut shop, you’ll usually smell the sweet treats before you see them. This is a good indication that the flavors are strong and that you can clearly decipher one flavor over another. When you’re looking for the best doughnuts in Chicago, consider starting with shops that offer a few classic flavors as well as flavors that aren’t quite as popular, such as bacon.

Crunch Factor

Although you don’t want your doughnuts to be hard on the outside, they should have a light crunch so that they can hold up to the toppings and fillings that are used. Look for golden edges and a sturdy exterior on doughnuts that are available as these have usually been cooked for the desirable length of time.

Fresh Taste

Doughnuts often taste better when they are freshly baked or fried. If the shop offers doughnuts that were sold the previous day, then ask for a discount or a batch of them instead of just one or two. In order to be the best doughnuts in Chicago, they should have fresh flavors instead of tasting as though they have been sitting in a back room for a few days.

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