Where To Get Micro-Needling In Allentown

One of the most effective growing treatment options for reducing wrinkles, stretch marks, scars as well as improving the skins tone, texture and color is micro-needling. And this treatment has little to no down time and very little discomfort. This treatment is done by a device that has little needle pricks that stimulate the skin. Although there are devices on the market that allow this treatment option to be done at home, it is highly recommended that a dermatologist or board certified electrologist performs the procedure in an office setting due to the risks of infection and scarring. A micro-needling device typically includes a roller with wheels of pens and needles as well as a cluster at the tip.

The healing response in this type of treatment produces additional collagen which improves the overall appearance of the skin. Normally this type of treatment is performed in 5 to 6 settings within at least two to three weeks apart. Absorption of the products after the treatment is also a great benefit. Micro-Needling in Allentown can be performed along with other procedures to achieve further satisfying results. The patient may see some light bleeding during the procedure but this is normal. The patient may also notice that their face appears pink and puffy, this too is normal. It is recommended that any patient who chooses this procedure, uses ice on their face for several hours after the treatment.

This procedure can be a little costly, however Micro-Needling in Allentown is actually affordable. Christine at Beautiful You by Christine is also the only board certified electrologist in Berks county. Some of the other services she has to offer are permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, nail and pedicure services, facial and body waxing, intense pulsed light treatment, laser hair removal, electrolysis, skin care and much more. If you are looking for new ways to try to help protect your skin, her services would be a great fit because they are affordable, and she uses top quality equipment for all procedures. For more information on all of the services they provide, visit the website at  and click on the Contact Us button.

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