Add To Your Chicago Trade Show Booth With Retractable Banners

It is difficult to find ways to make a trade show booth or table in a conference or exhibit hall stand out of the crowd. To make it even more challenging, many of these venues now limit the types of displays that can used and restrict the use of large signs or the height of backdrops.

One simple option to consider that is both practical as well as aesthetically appealing is the use of retractable banners. These are a great addition to any Chicago business, and they can be used over and over again at a variety of different events.

Professional Look

Getting the right printing company to complete your retractable banners will be an important first step. Look for a company that has large format printing equipment and experience in creating these large sized print items.

Typically retractable banners are printed vertically, but depending on the company logo or the name of the business, horizontal printing with graphics is also possible. The banners can be designed with a white or colored background, and they can be printed with logos, graphics or actual digital images, it is all a matter of the look you wish to achieve.

Assistance with Design

Since the shape of the banner is typically going to be vertical rather than horizontal, particularly if it is going to be on a floor stand, you may need to carefully consider your graphic design and font layout.

If you are not comfortable with graphic design or would prefer to have a professional help with the design, look for a printer offering this service. Keep in mind the design team will incorporate your ideas and suggestions, and you will have final approval of the design before the banner is printed.

Eye-Catching Appeal

For a trade show or exhibition hall booth, looking for a way to make the retractable banners catch the eye of those walking by is a crucial consideration. A unique central image, a bold choice of colors or an infographic that appeals to the curiosity is always a great option for these types of displays.

Working with a professional team to design and print the banner and also to provide the display stand is a simple way to find the advertising and promotional signs you need. These are going to be items you can use for years into the future, a great investment in your marketing program that will be easy to use, store and display.

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