When You’re Hurt On The Job, You Need To Call A Work Comp Lawyer in Marietta

If you’ve been hurt on the job, don’t be afraid you will get in trouble. There are laws covering workers injured on the job. You may think your employer will immediate fire you because you were hurt. That is against the law. When you’ve been hurt, call a Work Comp Lawyer in Marietta to protect your rights as an employee. You need to call quickly so vital witnesses and evidence can be collected.

Workers compensation covers everything from an ER visit to an ongoing injury with rehabilitation and permanent injuries, such as loss of a limb or use of a limb, and even death. If you’ve been injured, the first thing to do is inform your employer and seek medical treatment immediately. Don’t wait to go home and see how it feels in the morning. This leaves a loop hole for workers compensation to say you received the injury at home after work and not on the job.

Workers compensation laws are very detailed, and a wrong choice could land you unable to work and no way to pay your bills. After you have been treated is the best time to assess benefits that are due to you. Benefits may include:

*    Medical expenses

*    Lost wages

*    Burial benefits

*    Death settlements

For example, if someone is injured on the job and, as a result, dies from the injuries, the family is entitled to receive both burial and death benefits. Burial benefits pay the cost of the funeral. Death benefits are payable to the family the worker may have left behind. This way, the family is not left broke and homeless due to the death.

If you’re injured and unable to work for any amount of time, the lost wages benefit covers a portion of your wages until you are able to return to work. The medical benefits portion of workers compensation covers medical bills for the care you need for your injury, and you don’t use your normal healthcare benefits.

If you’ve been injured or become injured, call a Work Comp Lawyer in Marietta to discuss your case. Don’t suffer in silence, alone and possibly broke. Be sure to Contact them as soon as you are able.

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