Need Lawn and Garden Tools? Equipment Rental in Pasadena, TX has Them

Both do-it-yourself homeowners and contractors use Equipment Rental Pasadena TX. It’s expensive to keep equipment on hand that a person only uses one or two times a year. Few customers have the room in their garage or business to store them. Even rarely used equipment has to be cleaned and serviced during the year. This takes time and money. Therefore they comparison shop to find the places that provide the longest rental periods and the lowest prices. They also look for a rental company that carries many brands and types of equipment.

Most equipment is rented by the day. However, the definition of day can vary among Equipment Rental Pasadena TX companies. Some businesses start the clock rolling at the moment the customer signs the rental agreement. If they rented a sandblaster at 2:18 pm, it is due the next day at 2:18 pm. Other companies rent according a contractor’s day. The same person would have to return the equipment by the close of business the next day.

Contractors generally work Monday through Friday. Therefore that’s the peak time for Equipment Rental Pasadena TX. In order to keep the equipment producing income, equipment rental companies often allow do-it-yourself homeowners to rent a piece of equipment at the day rate and keep it from 3pm on Friday to 8am on Monday morning.

Generally the larger the piece of equipment, the higher the daily rental rate. For example, it’s possible to rent an aluminum level for $9.99 a day. However a KVA generator is $225 a day. It’s also important to find out what the policy is on returning damaged equipment. Some provide daily insurance policies that pay the cost to repair the equipment and others require the customer to pay to fix it.

When people move into their first home, they can be overwhelmed by the equipment needed to maintain and clean their home. This can be particularly true for yard and garden chores. They can rent a large and powerful riding mower until they decide which one they want to buy. They can turn to an equipment rental store such as Mainland Tools & Supply Pasadena, TX to learn about renting equipment. Visit website for more information.

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