When You Need Emergency HVAC Repair in Nassau County NY

ETNA Prestige Technology Inc is a company that offers top quality HVAC and refrigeration services to both commercial and residential customers. The services they provide include preventive maintenance, complete equipment installation, and emergency repair services. ETNA’s service area includes New York City and Long Island with Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The HVAC crew has well trained engineers and technicians so you can rest assured hat the job will be done right. The service fleet has plenty of replacement parts along with state of the art tools and equipment for cost-effectiveness and efficiency. So anytime you have an Emergency HVAC Repair in Nassau County NY, you know who to call.

When you go home after work, you want to be completely comfortable with regards to the temperature and humidity. A good Residential HVAC contractor can help you achieve that. Not only can he work on a central air conditioning unit, but he can install and maintain heat pumps, split systems, ductless systems, and mini split ductless systems. Heat pumps move heat energy to a particular destination. They pull heat from the air or ground and move it inside a building to warm the occupants. Heat pumps also act like air conditioners by reversing the flow of warm air. They remove the heat that has accumulated inside the house and release it to the outdoors. A big advantage of heat pumps is that you do not need to install separate systems for cooling and heating.

Another type of cooling system is the split-system unit. It has a hot side and a cold side. The cold side is usually put into a furnace or some other type of air handler. The cold coil and the expansion valve make up the cold side. Air is blown through the coil and is sent throughout the house by way of ducts. The hot side is positioned outside the house. Split-system units are similar to window AC units except that the two sides (hot and cold) are split apart and the capacity is higher.

Before you need an Emergency HVAC Repair in Nassau County NY, you may want to explore the website . The contractor ought to be able to work on any system you have installed or he can install a new system if needed.

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