Healthy Teeth for Life: Advice from Experts in Effective Family Dentistry

As a parent, you want the best of everything for your children, but you also know how hard it can be to establish the habits necessary for the best health, especially when it comes to proper dental hygiene. Strong, healthy teeth aren’t just nice to look at; they can also be a key factor in total body health and well being, so establishing good dental habits early is essential. Experts in effective family dentistry near Irving recommend starting as soon as your child cuts her first teeth, using a specially designed toothbrush that is crafted for specifically for toddlers. As your child gets older, you can monitor her habits until you feel that she’s old enough and responsible enough to take care of her teeth on her own.

The first healthy dental habit to develop is, of course, brushing. Teach your child to use an appropriate amount of toothpaste for her needs; too much is wasteful while too little doesn’t deliver the necessary cleaning. Consult with your family dentist if you are unsure about how much paste your child should be using. Brushing should be done in a gentle circular motion along the front and back of teeth with some minor positioning adjustments as needed to ensure complete cleaning. Your child’s second habit should be to make flossing a regular part of the routine. Dental floss can be difficult for small fingers to master, so this is one part that will require your assistance longer than other techniques, and even after your child is flossing her own teeth regularly, it’s a good idea to supervise closely to be sure that she’s doing it properly. Finally, it’s important to develop a third habit of rinsing with an alcohol-free antibacterial rinse to kill any remaining germs and maintain gum health. Your dentist can recommend a number of rinses that are safe for children to use, but again, this is one area that should be closely supervised to ensure that your child doesn’t swallow the liquid.

Establishing these three healthy habits early in your child’s life will provide her with the tools to maintain her teeth in the best condition possible, which can ward off a host of diseases. Take it from the experts in effective family dentistry near Irving: Start them early and encourage them to brush often.

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