When to Repair or Replace Industrial Air Compressors in PA

Having an efficient air compressor will go a long way in reducing the amount of time spent on a project. Air compressors that are meant for business or professional applications are often classified as “industrial grade,” and they are ordinarily designed to help you in handling more demanding jobs that require more horsepower. It is essential that you maintain your Industrial air compressors PA in a condition that facilitates faster recovery to run a wide of air tools for as long as you require them to do the job. Besides, timely repair of your compressor will go a long way in increasing its longevity and cutting down on repair costs. Here are some indications that you require to repair your industrial air compressors PA. Browse website for more information.

A leaking system

It is essential that you constantly check your air compressor system for leaks, as a simple leak in the hose may appear innocuous, yet it can end up costing you thousands of dollars annually. You can avoid incurring significant losses by conducting regular air audits, to ensure that your system is not losing air. Check the lines, connections, and valves for leaks. It is imperative that you replace any parts that are cut during operation to prevent air from escaping.

Reduced pressure

Low pressure at compressor discharge is often an indication of improper adjustment of the air capacity system or improper air pressure switch setting. To adjust these, you can simply follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, low pressure may also be as a result of worn or defective valves, in which case you will need to have the valves repaired or replaced.

Presence of liquid in air lines

This is often an indication of failed condensate traps, in which case you will need to have the traps cleaned, repaired or replaced. Alternatively, this problem can be caused by undersized or failed compressed air dryer, which will necessitate repair or replacement of the dryer.

Elevated temperatures

This is ordinarily caused by restricted air flow. To correct this, you will need to clean the system exterior while checking the inlet filters.

If you identify any of the above mentioned or any other problems with your industrial air compressors PA, contact Air Center Inc. These are renowned experts in compressed air solutions, with a capacity to advise you on when to have your air compressor replaced or repaired. Visit Air Centre Inc. for details.

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