Finding The Source Of Your Roof Leak

The trouble with a leaking roof is that it only leaks when it rains and there is no worse time to be outside trying to figure out where the leak comes from. A roof leak has long term consequences so finding the source and getting roof repairs in Orange Park, FL done quickly is very important. The effect of a roof leak can last even after the repair is made in the form of mold growth on surfaces in your home.

Finding the source of a roof leak can be quite challenging. It is not a problem seeing where there is evidence of leaking inside the house but rarely does the location inside match with the leak location outside. There is no science involved in locating the source of a leaking roof; it is little more than a process of elimination.

The ideal conditions for finding a roof leak:

The ideal time to find the leak is when it occurs. It is easier to trace the source of the leak if you can actually see the water rather than depending on a stain on the ceiling. Stains are an important part of locating the leak but they do not necessarily reveal the true source.

In order to see the leak you will have to locate it while it is raining. If you would prefer not to look for the source of the leak during a rainstorm you can more or less accomplish the same thing by taking the garden hose up on the roof and let it run until you see the leak appear in the house.


Finding the leak:

The first step is to actually measure the location of the stain from two walls or anything else that extend through the ceiling into the attic space.

Go into the attic and using the same measurements locate the spot on the underside of the roof. Frequently there will be evidence that will pinpoint the leak, perhaps you will see a water stain on a rafter or the wooden sheeting, follow this to the point where it starts and you will have located the source.

If there is no visible evidence then you will have to get on the roof, relocate the spot and begin looking for any evidence of damage, any small opening is an opportunity for water to find its way into your home. Depending on the outcome of your search, you may have to call a professional who does roof repairs in Orange Park, FL to locate the leak and repair it properly.

Tracing the source of a roof leak can be frustrating. To find the leak and repair it properly you should hire a contractor who does roof repairs in Orange Park, FL. You are invited to contact Keith Stern Roofing; the experts will find the leak and fix it right the first time. Visit website for more information.

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