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by | Dec 12, 2013 | Legal Advice

In situations where dialogue is being exchanged continuously, such as courtroom proceedings, it’s not difficult to forget important details. Having access to transcription or legal video services gives professionals the freedom to revisit crucial witness statements, demonstrations, and other significant pieces of evidence. If you need the services of a court reporter or videographer for an upcoming deposition, trial, or meeting, look no further than a fully-certified reporting agency backed by years of combined experience. Quality and accuracy are essential when it comes to reviewing the details of a trial, and gathering vital information to strengthen a case and make deductions.

Detailed Records
A skilled court reporter can provide valuable services to judges, jurors, attorneys, and litigants. Real-time reporters possess the speed and software necessary to produce legible, full transcripts by the end of a trial or hearing. Courtroom officials’ computers are normally connected to the reporter’s, which gives them the option to make edits and add notes to the text. Naturally, this makes life easier for clients, who don’t necessarily have to wait for or purchase a finalized script. Because full transcripts can often be tedious to read through, keyword indexing, condensing options, and e-transcripts are services usually offered by qualified court reporting agencies. With the help of these features, readers can quickly locate any information they’re searching for and alter the layout of the script to suit their preferences.

Professional Filming and Editing
Whether you need a witness interview or accident re-enactment documented for future reference, well-practiced videographers possess the filming and editing know-how to deliver dependable legal video services. In court proceedings especially, footage needs to be audible, properly angled, and well-lit for judges, jurors, and other court officials to view with ease. Poor quality video evidence is essentially useless in court proceedings, as it creates room for doubt by not presenting a clear and coherent picture. Therefore, videoed depositions, crime scene recordings, damage surveys, etc. require the expertise of a certified videographer.

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