When Should You Be Seen for a Toothache at the Dental Office in Kohala?

Tooth pain is one of the most common reasons people are seen at the dentist. Though a toothache does not always signal a major problem, it can be a warning sign of problems. This is why it is important you understand what can cause your tooth pain so you can know when it is serious enough to warrant a visit at the Dental Office Kohala. Through your dentist, the cause of your pain can be found so it can be properly treated.

If your tooth is hurting, you can take ibuprofen or aspirin. Both of these can relieve the pain and stop any swelling you may be experiencing. One of the most common causes of tooth pain is decay. When decay begins in your tooth, you will most likely not experience any symptoms. This is because the decay only begins to affect the outer layers of your tooth.

Once the decay has advanced, it will begin to invade the soft inner structures and can cause moderate to severe pain. Often, this type of pain is difficult to overcome. Even if you use pain relievers and pain relieving gels, you may not find relief. When this happens, it is important you call the Dental Office Kohala and schedule an appointment right away. The longer you wait, the more likely permanent damage will occur in your tooth.

Tooth pain can also be caused by an abscess. An abscess is an infection in your tooth. Unfortunately, infections can become serious and should never be ignored. If you have pain accompanied with swelling, bleeding, pus drainage or fever, you need to see the dentist right away. An infection can be spread to other teeth and to your gum tissue.

Pain in the teeth may also be caused by minor injuries you are unaware of. If your tooth cracks or becomes broken, this can lead to the nerve being exposed. Injuries can be treated by making an appointment with the Dental Office Kohala. There are many ways the dentist can repair your tooth and help to stop the pain.

If you are experiencing serious pain in your tooth, contact the office of Business Name. He and his staff can work to find the cause of your pain so it can be properly treated. Visit Website URL for more details.

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