Budget Wise Holidays Mean Year Round Planning

One of the biggest challenges many people face when it comes to managing their money is meeting the demands of the holiday season. If you have reached out for Debt Help in Edmonton recently or want to avoid having to do so it is important to manage your finances throughout the year so you are prepared to meet the financial demands of the holidays. Try these tips to be ready for December:

* Boxing Week : Consider using Boxing Week sales to get a head start on next Christmas. Get decorations, wrapping paper and other holiday items such as napkins and even holiday themed pyjamas for the whole family that have been drastically marked down. This way you will not get caught having to pay full price next year.

* Shop Year Round : Instead of waiting until November and December to start Christmas shopping shop year round. Keep an eye out for things you know family members will want and when they go on sale buy them and stow them away. Avoid clothing items that might be out of the style by the time the next Christmas rolls around.

* Set a Budget : Set a budget for your holiday spending and make sure everything you buy in advance is included in that budget. Make sure you stick to your budget so you do not over extend yourself.

* Pay Cash : The most important rule for Christmas shopping is to always pay cash (or interac). Using your credit cards is a recipe for disaster as you will easily lose track of how much money you are spending. If you have to use a credit card for online purchases, pay them off immediately.

* Check your List Against you Budget : Make a list and match it up to your budget. See what the kids really want and focus on those items. Consider sacrificing your want list to provide more for the kids.

* Holiday Grocery Savings : Consider starting a holiday savings account for your holiday groceries. Even if you simply put aside $10 per week you will have more than enough for a lovely holiday meal. This will make it easy to put out a nice spread without additional financial strain on your monthly budget and grocery bill.

Points: Focus on collecting points wherever you can with your favourite retailers. Points can go towards gifts, décor and groceries lessening the burden on your wallet.

Considering the holidays year round as part of your financial planning will help you avoid needing the debt help Edmonton consumers require when January rolls around.

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