When Oral Surgery Procedures in Ahwatukee AZ Are Needed

Most people hate going to a dentist’s office for their checkups every six-months. However, these checkups are needed in order to maintain the health of your teeth. If you’re teeth aren’t properly taken care of, you may be forced to undergo oral surgery, which can be both painful and expensive. In fact, let’s check out a couple of instances where Oral Surgery Procedures in Ahwatukee AZ would be necessary.

Countless people have needed oral surgery to extract one or several wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can appear at different times for everyone. Although it’s natural that they appear, often times the appearance of wisdom teeth can cause unexpected problems for individuals. For instance, wisdom teeth have a tendency to grow in crooked. The appearance of wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain and can also cause surrounding teeth to shift. An oral surgeon may extract your wisdom teeth to avoid any potential problems.

Oral Surgery Procedures in Ahwatukee AZ may also be needed if you have teeth that are severely decaying. Teeth typically decay due to a lack of proper oral hygiene. Poor hygiene typically causes cavities and gum disease to form, and these symptoms can cause teeth to deteriorate over time. If a tooth is decaying, an oral surgeon has two options: extract the tooth or take proper measures to save it. If you wait too long to see a dentist, you may have to have the tooth extracted altogether.

Dental implants are something that many oral surgeons have worked with over the years. Patients may opt for dental implants because they have a few missing teeth that they’d like replaced. Dental implants are very effective at replacing missing teeth because they look and feel like real teeth. Unlike dentures or partials, your implants will need to be drilled into your jawbone to remain secure.

These are just a few of the instances in which oral surgery would be needed. Again, wisdom teeth are typically a pain and are often removed by oral surgeons. Decaying teeth will need to be extracted if they’ve deteriorated too much. Lastly, if you’re suffering from tooth loss, dental implants can be used to help improve your smile. For more information about oral surgery consider talking with your dentist.

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