3 Things to Ask When You Need Help with Real Estate Law in Rochester NY

Real estate law in Rochester NY is tricky without the help of an attorney licensed to practice real estate law. Even though they may be licensed, it doesn’t mean they are qualified to be the right match for you and your case. Here are three things to ask your lawyer about real estate law.

How Long Have You Been Practicing?

You need to know how much real-life experience your lawyer will have to attribute to your case. If it is a simple purchase agreement that you need help with, then one to three years will suffice. However, if it is dealing with a large real estate development or a complex, get someone with at least eight to fifteen years experience. You also need to make sure they graduated from an accomplished law school. If it is out of state, research how much experience they had up until that point. Going with someone less experienced overall will be cheaper in the long run because they will charge less than a more experienced partner, but they may not have the experience you need.

How Many Similar Cases Have You Handled?

Not all issues are created equal, so make sure to ask if they have dealt with cases similar to yours. Everything is always easier a second time, so if they have more experience with cases like yours, the chances are it will go smoother for everybody involved. Also inquire about how they plan to handle your case. You should be happy about their plan to pursue your case, so ask them about the breakdown to see if the plan will work out for you.

How Will You Be Billed?

You don’t want any unpleasant surprises later in the agreement, and most attorneys work on an hourly basis, so pay attention to those meetings. Most lawyers charge between $150-$200 an hour. If it is a simple matter, you may be able to negotiate a price, like a small drafting flat fee. If you have to spend time in court or deal with another party, expect a higher bill since those hours will be adding up.

Make sure when you are looking into Real Estate Law in Rochester NY that you really investigate and interview your potential lawyer. Make sure that you are getting the good end of a deal, and your case will come out on top. Click Here for more information.

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