When Is It Right to Hire a Pros for Foundation Repair?

Problems with your home’s foundation can be easy enough to fix. But there’s a limit to what DIY fixes can do. If you think you have a major problem on your hands, give it a pass and hire a company for foundation repair in Northern Virginia right away. Here are situations when it’s better to hire a pro than to attempt a DIY solution:

Cracks wider than ¼ inches

If you see these on your foundation or you’ve got stairstep cracks these could be in blocks or bricks then you can ask a contractor to fix the problem. However, plugging those leaks aren’t really going to solve the problem. That’s why hiring pros from company like Apex Waterproofing is the smarter choice…

Underlying foundation problems

Cracks can be caused by water and moisture finding its way into the foundation, says House Logic. Check your downspout drains to make sure everything is working out fine. If you don’t know what signs to look for or how to spot foundation problems, time to hire Waterproofing Contractors for help.

Tailored solution

Ask pros for Waterproof Repair options that specifically address the issues or problems in your home. Don’t take too long to decide on the right solution, though. Mold and mildew can easily happen if you don’t take steps to keep your property’s foundation moisture-free as soon as you see signs of the problem happening.

Constant repairs

If you keep paying for repairs, that means the underlying issues and problems have yet to be fixed. Look for a waterproofing firm, one that offers better solutions.


If this is your first time to attempt a DIY repair, a single mistake on your part could lead to irreversible damage and a ton of costs. Want to save time, effort and expense? Then hire a pro for your Basement Waterproofing project.

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