One-Time Service for Trash Removal in Ithaca, NY Makes Clearing Away Clutter More Convenient

Companies providing one-time service for Trash Removal in Ithaca NY make it more convenient for homeowners to get rid of a lot of junk in the house and around the property. Property owners can spend a weekend or an entire week going through the place and piling up useless and broken items in a dumpster they’ve rented that will be hauled away on a scheduled date.

Clearing Away Clutter Stashes

One reason people schedule trash removal in Ithaca NY is when they’ve been living in a house for many years and have not bothered to keep up with the clutter. When a basement, attic, and garage are available, it’s easy to just keep stashing things in those locations where they seem to be out of the way. At some point, the homeowners take a good, hard look at the situation and decide it’s time to clean house.

Making Major Changes

In other cases, the homeowners are making some major changes in the household and need to clear out clutter to make room. They may be planning a significant remodeling project, for instance, such as having the basement or attic finished for extra living space. Those areas can no longer be used as packed storage units.

Examples of Junk for Pickup

These items can run the gamut from broken small appliances to big, bulky furniture and mattresses. Some people want an old clothes dryer hauled away along with a broken end table and a big pile of ancient magazines that are mildewed from sitting in a damp basement for decades. Workers with companies like Feher Rubbish Removal are accustomed to dealing with a wide variety of junk, and they also separate out anything that should be recycled.

Convenient Timing

Municipal garbage pickup services commonly do not accept the bigger items or have a restricted schedule of days when they do curb pickup of furniture and certain types of old appliances. That’s not convenient for people who make a decision one day that it’s time to clean out the house and garage. They don’t want to wait until the next scheduled pickup, which might be months away. Visit Website to learn about this company’s services.

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