What’s So Special about 7075 T6 Aluminum?

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Aluminum Supplier

7075 T6 aluminum is sometimes called the strongest grade of aluminum, and for good reason. It is as strong as many kinds of steel, and is much lighter. But how did 7075 T6 come about and why is it so special? Let’s look a little closer and see.

What Does 7075 Mean?

The history of 7075 aluminum dates back to the early years of WWII. In 1940, the Japanese Navy used it in production of their famous Zero fighter planes. It is one of the 7000 series of aluminum. In all, there are 8 series of aluminum alloys, and they are:

* 1000 – this denotes pure aluminum

* 2000 – aluminum alloyed with copper and once called duralumin

* 3000 – manganese and aluminum alloy

* 4000 – silicon and aluminum and it used to be called silumin

* 5000 – magnesium aluminum alloy

* 6000 – silicon and magnesium

* 7000 – zinc with aluminum and this is where 7075 T6 aluminum comes from

* 8000 – other alloys like lithium

What Does T6 Mean?

T6 denotes the temper of the metal. T means it has been heat treated and the number 6 means aged artificially and not naturally. 7075 T6 aluminum is aluminum alloyed with zinc, which has been treated with heat to increase its strength and aged in a heated environment. Heating is used to relocate the molecules and aging helps to form a super saturated condition which makes the metal harder.

What is 7075 T6 Aluminum Used for?

7075 T6 is a very strong aluminum alloy. In fact, it is commonly used in bicycle frames where great strength and low weight is a necessity. Parts of the M16 military rifle are made with 7075 T6. Here are some additional applications:

* Shafts and gears

* Aircraft parts

* Aerospace parts

* Missile parts

* ATV sprockets

* Regulation valves

* Meter shafts

* Automotive – sometimes used for racing lug nuts because of their superior hardness

* Camping knives

* High quality lacrosse sticks

Special Properties of 7075 T6 Aluminum

7075 T6 is one of the hardest grades of aluminum you can buy, because it is alloyed with zinc. It is often used in applications to replace steel because it is much lighter and does not rust. 7075 T6 is known for its very high tensile strength. Tensile strength denotes the ability to stretch or resist without tearing or cracking. This is one of the reasons 7075 T6 aluminum is very popular in the aircraft and aerospace industry where stress tolerance is absolutely essential.

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