Should Sales And Marketing Training In Chicago Illinois Be An Ongoing, Ever Improving Process?

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Business

Some people might say that sales people are born that way. Others say things like “you should hear him talk; he would make a good salesman”.

Sales And Marketing Are Skills That Have To Be learnt.

There is an element of truth in another old sales adage that says – “you do not need to know much about the product in order to be able to sell it”; however, to be a good salesperson you really do need to know the basics about what you are selling. To expand on this further; the good sales person is actually selling an idea to a potential prospect (rather than the actual product). There is a method to this; first and most importantly, the good salesperson listens attentively to the prospect. The prospect is asked short questions that are designed to elicit a detailed response (as against a straight yes; or, no). The sales person cross references the answers to the products they are trying to sell and then sets about placing the idea in the prospect’s head that they simply cannot live without the benefits that one or more of those products will provide for them.

Features, Advantages And Benefits

A novice sales person should be able to learn the features of the company’s product from a few sessions of in-house product training; but, to be able to transpose these; first to customer advantages, and; then, to the benefits that the customer will want to buy; requires specialized sales and marketing training in Chicago Illinois or anywhere else in the world.

If the company is really huge and has hundreds of personnel in its sales and marketing department; they may decide to hire fulltime professional trainers to provide this knowledge in-house. However, for most small to medium sized businesses; this is not really a practical proposition.

Professional Trainers

Companies wishing to improve the performance of their sales and marketing departments can call on the services of full time, experienced trainers on an “as and when” needed basis. They can either send individuals to a sales training school; or, they can arrange for that school to send specialists to them to conduct a training seminar on their company’s premises (or, it can be held in hotel type function rooms).

Should your company see the benefits of Sales And Marketing Training Chicago Illinois; a good initial step would be to contact professionals in this field – such as The Sales Coaching Institute. Like any skill, there will always be room for improvement and space for new ideas; therefore, this training should not be seen as a “once in a lifetime” affair. Visit for more information.

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