What’s an Exercise Stress Test?

Additionally referred to as a cardiac stress test or treadmill test, exercise stress tests assist doctors in determining how much physical activity an individual’s heart I is able to handle. The more active the body is, the more oxygen it’ll need. The heart, in turn, starts to pump more blood in order for the body to generate this necessary oxygen. This exercise test is going to reveal whether the blood slows down inside the heart’s arteries due to a medical problem.

Heart problems

A physician may order an exercise stress test for an individual who’s at elevated risk for heart issues or has a pre-existing heart issue. If an individual has been suffering chest pains or shortness of breath, the exercise test may be utilized to diagnose the symptom’s causes. Also, the test may be utilized to check on the success of the heart-associated procedure. Additionally, the test may be utilized to predict the likelihood of a heart attack in the future.

Athlete’s stamina

Though an exercise stress test often is utilized to diagnose problems with the heart, it also may be utilized to test the stamina of an athlete. As the stress test is done on athletes, the Bruce protocol often is used. Created by Doctor Robert A. Bruce, it’s a diagnostic test which measures how much oxygen the athlete is able to consume and use as they move on the treadmill at elevated speeds. Coaches sometimes will order the Bruce protocol test upon an athlete to observe an athlete’s level of fitness.

Preparation for the exercise stress test is critical for accurate results. An individual shouldn’t eat, drink or smoke anything for at least 3 hours prior to the test. However, regular medication ought to be consumed as usual that day unless the doctor states otherwise.

Stress treadmill

Whether the exercise stress test is utilized for athletic or medical reasons, it always includes a Refurbished Stress Treadmill. An individual wears electrodes upon her or his chest and blood pressure cuff upon one arm as they walk on the treadmill. Doctors then can observe the individual’s blood pressure and heart activity. The treadmill will slowly begin then raise in speed until the individual gets to a target heart rate or suffers adverse effects like chest pain.

An irregular result of the exercise stress test may be a sign of different things. It might display heart function irregularities, like arrhythmia, while exercising. A medical issue as severe as coronary artery disease additionally may be detected by the exercise stress test.

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