What You Need to Know Before a Divorce in Newnan, GA

When you’re preparing for a Divorce in Newnan, GA, it can be essential to have a lawyer on your side. Even simple divorce cases can be more complicated than they first seem. Everything in your life will have to be split with your spouse, and it’s important to have a legal arrangement that details everything so that there’s no question later about who gets what in the divorce. Some of the things your lawyer might help you with in the divorce arrangement are the house, money, child custody, and alimony payments.

House – The house can’t simply be split in half. In some cases, your lawyer may give you or your spouse the family home. In other cases, the home may need to be sold and the proceeds split between you both.

Money – Money will need to be split as well. This includes checking accounts, saving accounts, trusts, bonds, and any other form of money that you and your spouse have.

Child Custody – This is often one of the most complicated aspects of a divorce, and the most fiercely debated. It’s extremely important that a child custody arrangement is created so that the children are taken care of. Your lawyer will work with your spouse’s lawyer to come to an agreement if possible. If not, a judge will decided what the child custody arrangement will be.

Child Support – In the case where one parent has more custody than the other, the parent with the least amount of custody may have to pay child support. This is to help ensure that the child has everything he or she needs, and must be paid each month.

Alimony Payments – In some cases, one spouse may not have worked out made significantly less than the other spouse, and there are no children involved. In these cases, sometime the spouse who makes less may be given alimony by the judge.

There may also be other things that need to be discussed and arranged during the divorce proceedings. Everything should be discussed and written into the divorce agreement so that there is no question later as to who gets what. Though the divorce may be difficult, this can save time, stress, and lawyer fees later. If you’re going through a Divorce in Newnan, GA, or may be soon, speak with a lawyer such as Business Name today.

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