What To Look For When Buying Used Air Compressors In PA

An air compressor is a very handy piece of equipment to own. With an air compressor, the homeowner can pump air into a car tire, a bike tire, balls, and even pools. The homeowner can also purchase accessories so they can use the air compressor as a drill and a spray painter. If the homeowner doesn’t have the money to buy a new air compressor, they can buy a used one. Before buying Used Air Compressors PA, the individual should know what to look for.

Check the Oil

Before purchasing a used air compressor, the buyer should make sure the compressor oil is clean. Also, they should make sure there isn’t any buildup in the motor or engine or around it.

Check the Power Source

Air compressors are run either on electricity or gas. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The one that the individual chooses would depend on their personal preference. If the buyer is looking for an electric air compressor, they should make sure the cord is in good condition, and the prongs are fully attached and in good shape. If they are looking for a gas-powered compressor, they should make sure the fuel line is clean. They should also ask to have the compressor started, so they can make sure the engine can function at maximum horsepower.

Check the Movement

Portable air compressors are great because they can be moved around easily. Before purchasing a used portable compressor, the buyer should check the tires. If there are any cracks, it can cause problems moving the compressor. They should also pull the air compressor. If the compressor pulls to one side, it is a good sign that it has seen hard use. The buyer should avoid purchasing a used air compressor in this condition, or they can ask the seller to lower the asking price.

Check the Tank

It is very important that the buyer checks the compressor’s air tank. When a compressor is used without a roll cage, the until will vibrate against anything that it is near. Over time, this can cause damage to the tank. If the tank were to crack, the air would escape quickly.

Buying a used air compressor is a great way to get the tool for a much lower cost. For information on Used Air Compressors in PA, contact Air Center Inc. or Visit the website.

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