What to look for when buying a diamond engagement ring

When the topic is engagement rings and words such as sophisticated, glamorous, handcrafted and elegance it is understood that people are discussing Tacori engagement rings in Cincinnati. The signature design of a Tacori engagement ring is the crescent silhouette which provides windows of light which reflect the brilliance of the diamonds used in the creation.

Jewelers and others that are experts in diamonds always refer to the 4 C’s; cut, clarity, color and carat. Each of these four elements will be different in every stone and it is often necessary to sacrifice one to get the other. If the size of the diamond expressed in carats is the most important element when you are choosing the ring, then depending on your budget you may have to sacrifice clarity, this is but an example.

It is the diamonds cut that is the determining factor for its sparkle and apparent brilliance. The cut directly affects the way in which light travels within the stone. If the cutter makes the cut too deep or conversely too shallow, this will allow light to escape which is the cause of loss of brilliance. Gemologists are of the opinion that of all the 4 C’s, cut is the most important because even if the stone is otherwise perfect in color and clarity, a poor cut can have a detrimental effect on the beauty of the diamond. A diamond is a prism; it divides the available light into a spectrum of colors. A diamond which is considered colorless is highly sought after as the less color the diamond has, the more colors that appear in the spectrum. Absolutely colorless diamonds are extremely rare and are given the highest possible color grade.

Many diamonds have inclusions. An inclusion is a tiny imperfection, it can be a trace material or a scratch, but any inclusion will detract from the beauty of the diamond. The highest rating for clarity is flawless then it goes to very slight inclusions and down the line. Even flaws that are not visible to the naked eye but can be seen when using a jeweler’s loop can be considered low grade.

When buying Tacori engagement rings in Cincinnati it is genuinely important that you consider the taste and style of the woman whom you wish to give it to. Take into account the setting as well as the size of the person’s finger when it comes to size.


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