Pheromone Perfume: The Secret Weapon to Attracting the Opposite Sex

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Health Care

Science -; or osmology in particular -; has discovered that one of the primary reasons men and women are sexually attracted to each other is because of an arousal-stimulating chemical produced by the body known as pheromones. Pheromones are deliver a power message to the opposite sex that increases hormone levels, fertility, and even sexual desire. Now, these chemicals have been replicated and bottled in the form of pheromone perfume, giving you this secret weapon in a bottle.

Have you been out lately wondering what it is you can do to attract the opposite sex? Look no further than pheromone perfume. This perfume is sure to quicken their pulse and have the opposite sex turning their heads to look your way. When it comes to finding a partner, pheromones play an important role. Let’s face it, the nose wants what the nose wants. Whether you realize it or not, potential partners produce a certain smell that your nose is attracted to.

The purchase of bottled pheromones can be your secret. While the body does regularly produce pheromones, purchasing it in the form of a perfume increases the subconscious scent that your body puts out to the opposite sex. Pheromones attract you to the opposite sex, heightening your irresistible want for one another. If you are tired of sitting in a bar alone on a Friday night or simply just want to turn the head of someone walking down the street, try bottled pheromones.

The result of using pheromones in the form of a perfume will astound you. Pheromones trigger attraction subconsciously in the brain. The opposite sex is drawn to you like a moth to a flame without even realizing why. That is why synthetically created pheromones in the form of perfume can be your secret weapon to dating. Even more beneficial is that men and women can both use this powerful method of attraction.

Keep in mind that as you age, your body puts off less pheromones, meaning pheromones in the form of perfume can greatly enhance the attractive pull you have with the opposite sex. Don’t let decreased level of pheromones get in your way when you can have this secret weapon in hand.

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