What To Look For In Selecting Concrete Pipe For Stormwater Systems

One of the most common materials used in construction is concrete. A simple mix of water, mineral aggregate and paste, it hardens to produce a strong, durable foundation material. It forms the basis for many projects for many stormwater projects. In Georgia, it is a popular material for both including culverts and concrete pipe.

Factors in Choosing Concrete Pipes for Stormwater Drainage Systems

When selecting concrete pipes, it is important to look at a variety of factors. Among those requiring careful consideration are:

  • The specific application
  • The strength required for the task and the environment
  • The service life and joint integrity of the potential types of concrete pipe
  • Any environmental factors requiring special consideration
  • Specific options, e.g. RCP, precast and concrete as well as standard and customized pipes

Price is also something a Georgia company also needs to look at when considering the options.


When such factors are examined thoroughly by engineers and other invested individuals, certain characteristics are considered to be essential qualities for any stormwater systems project. Concrete pipes must:

  • Be durable
  • Have an acceptable longevity
  • Possess the right compressive strength for the job
  • Hold high density: The rule of thumb is that the higher the density is, the greater the concrete durability
  • Offer the right absorption rate
  • Be characterized by a low water-cementitious (W/C) ratio

All indicate the most suitable characteristics of concrete pipe for stormwater systems.

Choosing Concrete Pipe for a Stormwater Project

When engineers in Georgia are planning to lay down concrete pipes in a stormwater project, they need to evaluate the feasibility of the available options. They must look at the general environment as well as project-specific aspects before selecting the right type of concrete pipe. By being thorough, they can be more certain the stormwater system can endure the vicissitudes of the weather in the southeast.

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