Concrete Drain Pipe in Georgia – Its Vital Role in Underground Water Conveyance

When it comes to concrete pipe, the test data has confirmed in some cases that its service life can reach over 100 years. This precast pipe is manufactured through specialized processes that produces a material is highly durable and strong. It structural integrity, versatility, and hydraulic efficiency, as well as ease of installation makes it a product that outperforms many other piping products. As it concerns concrete drain pipe, Georgia communities, towns, and cities benefit from its installation and the important function it provides in the realm of water conveyance and sanitation systems.

Precast Concrete Pipe Applications

Precast pipe is provided in many different styles including perforated, elliptical, round, jacking, and gasketed along with various types of connections. This type of piping can be used in various applications were wastewater, storm water, drainage, electrical cabling, and telecommunications cabling is housed or managed. Some of the potential specifications that can govern precast pipe include ASTM C-443, ASTM C-76, APWA, and AASHTO M170.

Reinforced concrete pipe is crucial in protecting important groundwater by facilitating the conveyance of storm water and wastewater through intricate underground systems. You certainly cannot see it all working, but precast concrete drain pipe is constantly preserving the quality of groundwater and maintaining a sanitary environment for our everyday living.


Various entities utilize reinforced precast concrete piping on a continuous basis, including telecommunications companies, municipalities, and utilities. It is utilized in sanitary piping which undergirds wastewater systems. It conveys wastewater from industrial, commercial, residential, and retail buildings. Precast piping enables quick installation on construction projects.

Storm Drains

Concrete drainage pipe transfers excessive storm water from one location to another and prevents the problem of flooding and pooling. When heavy storms come, water is transferred through these pipes at high velocity. These pipes are required to have the necessary structural strength to withstand these forces. Other types of flexible pipe require backfill to provide an adequate supporting structure. Concrete pipes, although having a surrounding structure, possess significant strength.

If you need concrete drain pipe installed on your project site and want to take advantage of the strength and other benefits it offers, contact an experienced precast concrete products supplier today.

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