What to Keep in Mind About Auto Glass Repair

At some point or another, all of us are going to need to have our auto glass repaired. There are many reasons why your auto glass may need to be fixed from a chip from an errant pebble in the road to an accident. Whatever the case, if you need repairs on your auto glass in Reynoldsburg, OH, it is important that you keep a few things in mind before you get too deep into the process.

Something Small can Quickly Turn Into Something Big

One of the first things that you should keep in mind about your auto glass in Reynoldsburg, OH is even something small, like a crack or a chip in your glass can quickly turn into something big…and dangerous, for that matter. All it takes is running over a pothole, a winter freeze or simply a structural weakness to turn a small chip into a big problem. This is why it is very important, at the first sign of a crack or chip, that you get your auto glass repaired.

Insurance Will Pay for Repairs, They May Not Pay for Replacements Due to Negligence

Another thing to keep in mind about auto glass is that insurance, which is required in Ohio, will likely pay 100% for a windshield repair that is caused by a flying rock or other object. However, if you allow that chip to just sit there, with no repair and it causes a huge crack in the windshield, your insurance may not pay for the replacement or will only pay a small amount. As you can see, you will save money if you take action sooner, rather than later.

In Some Cases, a Replacement is Recommended

Even though damage may seem small or insignificant, there may be times when you will be better off by getting an auto glass replacement over a repair. Auto glass companies will have the technology to tell if you will be better off with a full on replacement or if a repair will be good enough to keep the glass strong and stable.

When you are in need of repairs, make sure to only take your vehicle to a trusted source. If you are unfamiliar with the auto glass repair service, make sure they have good reviews and offer the service you need before taking your vehicle in.

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