Reliable Air Conditioning Services In Gilbert AZ

A surprising number of people think that running their Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems is a simple matter of flipping a switch or setting a thermostat. A truly set it and forget it mentality, as it were, but modern HVAC systems require a little more effort than that and I don’t mean the screen touching techniques that the new touch sensitive thermostat and control systems from Air Conditioning Gilbert AZ use.

Modern heating and Air Conditioning Gilbert AZ appliances use a lot more electronics to help them be more energy efficient. Plus, they have a lot more gadgets which help them monitor the airflow and quality during their daily usage. More gadgets means more chance of hardware failure and a greater importance which must be placed on routine cleaning and maintenance. Just as in your computers, dust and dirt are the bane of modern electronics.

When you get down to the actual cooling and heating, no two homes are the same. Even the tract homes with their cookie cutter styles and identical hardware will have some variance in air flow patterns. Then, once the family moves into the home, the airflow changes again. Perhaps it is due to the cabinet which blocks part of the hallway or maybe the couch or chair has covered a vent. One of the largest changes to the Air Conditioning Gilbert AZ capability in any home with new occupants is the heat.

If you recall your early science classes, heat is energy or more specifically, heat is a byproduct of the use of energy. In our homes, heat is produced whenever we turn on a light bulb, operate the refrigerator, run the dishwasher or the washing machine. We generated heat when our computers are powered on and even more when playing games on them and we even generate heat when we are relaxing to a good movie. All of this excess heat adds up, then we include the heat from cooking and even the heat from the people themselves and it is easy to see why it’s quicker to cool an empty home as opposed to a full one.


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