What To Check Before Calling For Garbage Disposal Repair

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Plumbing

In many cases when an appliance stops working there is something that is wrong in the unit or the motor. However, in the case of a garbage disposal, there are sometimes some simple little issues that may be causing the problem. Before calling a plumber to come out to do a garbage disposal repair you can do a few simple tests to see if you can fix the issue yourself.

Power On?

While this may seem obvious often the root cause of a non-function garbage disposal is an electrical problem. If your garbage disposal is on its own breaker you wouldn’t notice if it had been tripped because everything else is turning on in the kitchen area.

If you flick the switch to the on position and hear no noise at all this is often the issue. Check the circuit box and the appropriate breaker and turn it back on. You may also have to press the reset button on the bottom of the garbage disposal, it will be sticking out if there was an issue, and then turn on the switch at the wall.

You will need a professional for garbage disposal repair if the breaker immediately trips again or the reset switch pops back out as there may be a blockage or other problem with the system.

Humming Noise

If you hear a humming noise but the disposal is not actually working or running, immediately turn the switch off and call a plumber that does garbage disposal repair. This is likely caused by the flywheel and the impellers being jammed by something stuck in the unit.

Do not ever, for any reason, put your hand or any other object into the garbage disposal to try to correct the problem. Not only is that a huge safety risk but it can also cause your garbage disposal repair to be more costly than if you had just let a professional repair the problem.

Another common garbage disposal repair issue is the problem with leaks. These can be at the sink, at the connection to the dishwasher, on the unit or at the drainpipe leading away from the disposal. These often require replacement of hoses and seals and getting professional garbage disposal repair is the best option for these types of problems.

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