The Property Inspection Process: Why it is Important for your Rental Property

When you hire a Property Management company in Park City, you expect them to be your ears and eyes for the property. It is very important that they stick to a regular schedule for these inspections. There are a number of property owners that do not understand the amount of damage that a poor tenant may cause in just a short time period. Unfortunately, many people believe that since the rent is paid on time, there are no issues or complaints that everything is fine.

You should not take anything for granted or make any assumptions. When you schedule inspections on a regular basis, it will allow you to catch any issues early on and it will also be an effective way to deter any undesirable behavior from your tenants.

In order to determine a property management companies views on these issues, you should ask the following questions during the interview process.

What are the types of inspections that are performed?

In many cases, tenant completed inspections are used for single family units and apartments, but the property manager needs to offer a detailed inspection, including digital photos. During this inspection, the tenant of the property needs to go with the manager for the entire inspection and then sign the report that is written. This type of documentation will resolve any issues if that is damage present when a tenant moves out.

What is the frequency of interior property inspections?

It is important that the property management service inspects the interior of your investment properties at least once a year, with twice a year being preferred. The person that actually does the inspection needs a comprehensive check list that will cover what is inspected. Some common items that should be on this list includes: checking all of the appliances; the AC filters; for plumbing issues; a working smoke detector; and any type of lease violation.

You should not accept services from a management company that only offers these inspections when the property is vacant. This can lead to serious issues not being detected and the damage caused to the property being extensive and expensive. If the property manager is not willing to preform inspections when you would like, you should seek services from another company to ensure that your property stays in good repair for the entire occupancy of the tenants.

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