What Services Does a Crate Shipping Salt Lake City Company Offer?

If you need a large, odd-shaped, or fragile item shipped, it may need to be packed into a crate and shipped in that crate. A crate is offers much more protection than bubble wrap and a standard moving box, helping to ensure your item arrives safely to its final destination. But, if you have never used a crate shipping company in Salt Lake City before, you may be unsure what services they offer and how they can help you get your item from point A to point B. Here are some of the services they offer.

Crate Building:

Standard crates come in a variety of sizes, however, even with all those sizes, there may not be one that best fits your item. If your item is an odd-shape or size, you may need to have a custom crate built for the item, to ensure it is fully protected while it is being shipped. A crate shipping company typically offers crate building services, constructing a crate designed specifically for your item.


While a crate is a great way to ensure your item does not become damaged during transport, the item needs to be correctly placed and packed inside of the crate, or it can be damaged. Most of us are not professional movers or shippers, so we have no idea how to secure an item into place inside of a crate. A Crate Shipping Salt Lake City company does, and they can help you pack your item, offering it the protection it needs to remain safe during its journey.

Crate Shipping:

The last service crate shippers offer is crate shipping. Once packaged, crates are typically loaded up into or onto a truck and transported from your current location to the location you want your item to end up. Depending on where your item is going though, crates can also be loaded onto planes, trains and boats. A shipping service can either ship the item via ground for you, or arrange to have shipped using one of these other transportation methods.

If you need to have a large or fragile item shipped, contact our website Custom Crating. They can help you create custom crates and ensure your item is safe while it is being transported from one location to another.

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