Bitten by a Dog? Hire Dog Bite Lawyers in Suffolk County, NY

When a person is bitten, scratched or knocked down by a dog, their owner can be held liable for damages. Generally, if they have a homeowner’s policy, the person who is bitten will file a claim with that insurance company. The person who was bitten must show that the owner knew that their dog had aggressive tendencies. However dogs don’t get one free bite. Dog Bite Lawyers in Suffolk County, NY know that there are a variety of ways to show that an owner was concerned about the personality and possible behavior of their dog. Attorneys hire private investigators who will interview neighbors and determine if there were warning signs of aggressive behavior.

If the attorneys find that the dog owner posted signs warning of an aggressive dog or kept the dog muzzled, then these are indications that the owner was aware that the dog could turn violent. Dog bites can result in terrible scarring injuries. It is particularly devastating if the person was bitten in the face. It can be very frustrating to deal with these kinds of injuries dog bite lawyers in Suffolk County, NY to file a claim they have to be able to document the extent of the injury and the way it impacts a person’s life. It can take a year for the doctors to determine how successful cosmetic surgery will be in restoring the person’s facial features.

However once the extent of the injuries are understood, Dog Bite Lawyers in Suffolk County, NY from The Law Office of Matthew Glassman will file a claim with the insurance company. They will link the injuries to the dog and show how the person’s life has been limited. It isn’t even necessary that the dog bite someone. A large dog can knock over a person and cause back injuries that last a lifetime. The owner can claim that the dog had never bitten or jumped on anyone before, therefore they aren’t liable. However, if they keep their dog in a strong kennel surrounded by a chain link fence. This is a good indication that they knew the dog could cause an injury. Personal injury lawyers know how to build this evidence and win a financial settlement for their client.

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