What Kind of Dental Materials in Fort Lauderdale FL Are Commonly Used?

While most patients understand that dentists offer multiple types of treatments to improve dental health, they may be confused by references to Dental Materials in Fort Lauderdale FL. In fact, this term refers to any type of material or substance that is used in carrying out some type of treatment. Here are some examples of common materials that dentists are likely to use. Fillings One of the more common examples of Dental Materials in Fort Lauderdale FL is the tooth filling. Some fillings are intended for temporary use. This is usually the case when the patient wants a permanent filling made of a specific type of metal or other material. For example, a dentist may use what is known as a temporary dressing to fill a cavity. This serves as a stop gap measure that ensures the patient is comfortable while the gold or other material is secured for the permanent filling. That temporary solution helps to protect the pulp and the nerve endings in the affected tooth until the dentist is able to install that permanent filling. Dental Impressions Another common example of dental materials is dental impressions. These are simply substances that make it possible to create a cast or mold of the teeth or gums. This process is often used when there is a need to prepare partial or complete denture plates. The goal is to make sure those plates are a perfect fit and will be comfortable for the patient to wear.

Dental Implants An increasingly popular option in dentistry today is dental implants. Unlike dentures that fit on and around the gums, implants fit directly into the gums, much like natural teeth. The implants screw into the jawbone and then protrude out of the gums, making it possible to top them with a crown that looks exactly like a real tooth. The dentist will always know which type of dental materials is right for a given procedure and order them from a reliable supplier like Servi-Dent when and as needed. Doing so makes it possible to deal with all sorts of dental situations, ranging from the need to fill a cavity to replacing a full set of teeth. To know more click here.

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