What is the Best Solar Eclipse Viewer?

by | Jun 9, 2015 | Shopping and Fashion

In case you are not aware, there will be an exciting total solar eclipse of the sun in the summer of 2017. This is one of those rare events which will be viewable from most of the United States. Naturally, most people will want to experience this phenomenon and share it with friends or family. But what is the best way to view the eclipse, and are there affordable solar eclipse viewer products available? Here is a look at the options you have.

Make Your Own

If you want to create your viewer, you may do so. However, this is not the best way to view this rare occurrence. In fact, homemade devices often provide poor quality viewing at best.

Buy Welders Glass

You can buy welder’s equipment but why spend a lot of money? After all, you are not going to see an eclipse very often.

Use Your Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is not a safe solar eclipse viewer. In fact, you run the risk of causing serious damage to your vision if you use viewers not designed to filter out dangerous ultraviolet rays.

Special Telescope Filters

This is a safe and effective way to view the eclipse. But how many people have telescopes in their homes with the right kind of lenses and equipment?

Watch the Eclipse on TV

Television or video is the safest solar eclipse viewer you can use. However, it is not the same thing as witnessing a rare event of the skies in real time. There is no substitute for actually “being there”.

Buy Inexpensive Solar Eclipse Glasses and Viewers

Did you know you can buy viewers and glasses for less than one dollar when you place a minimum order with the right online provider? The viewers are designed to filter out all of the bad UV rays of the sun and give you a safe viewing experience. Plus, the lenses are made to be scratch resistant and provide a clear image.

Affordable solar eclipse viewer products are very easy and convenient to use. They are small enough to fit into your pocket and are simple to share with someone because it is as easy as holding up a card. It is very convenient to purchase these viewers as you can do all of your shopping on the Web. Just visit the website and choose the items you want to order. If you want custom printing, this is also possible. You may pay for your purchase over a secure server, and everything will be delivered to your door.

If you would like to shop for affordable solar eclipse viewer products, come to American Paper Optics. We offer several options including custom printing, and you can check out our selections on the Web now at http://www.eclipseglasses.com/.

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