What is physical therapy?

Modern medicine can accomplish wonders.  It is now possible to reattach a limb or transplant an entire organ.  However wonderful modern medicine is, the patient’s functional restoration is often left to physical therapy in Chicago. Physical therapy involves the use of supervised therapeutic exercises, manual therapies including manipulation of joints and muscles, and other physiologic modalities such as laser therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and ultrasound.  The specific treatment plan depends to a great extent on the specific injury or condition, the age of the individual and any other special factors  that may be considered by the patient’s physician.

Physical therapy in Chicago can help an individual rehabilitate a damaged limb or part of the body or the therapist can help an individual compensate for the loss of a limb. As an example, the physical therapist may work with a patient to strengthen upper body muscles when the patient is confined to crutches, a wheelchair or a walker. For patients who have suffered a stroke, the physical therapist will work with the patient, teaching them to use what they can on the non-dominant side. The therapist will also teach a patient how to walk with a prosthetic leg or how to make the best use of a prosthetic arm.

Although a great deal of the physical therapy regimen is “hands on,” there are times when a patient will have to be fitted with an aid to increase mobility.  These aids could include crutches or braces. The therapist will have the patient work on strengthening exercises that focus on the injured area so the braces can eventually be removed and supportive devices will no longer be necessary. During sessions with the therapist the patients may be introduced to conditions that they can expect to face every day either at work or at home.

The demand for those who provide physical therapy in Chicago continues to grow. The typical therapist will have a four year college degree with emphasis on biology and physiology. Upon graduation most therapists will spend a number of years working closely with those who are more experienced, eventually seeking their license to practice on their own. Some therapists continue to train and eventually become private practitioners, taking their skills into the homes of patients.

Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center offers a range of services including but not limited to physical therapy in Chicago. Contact the Center today and discuss what therapies will be the right ones for your condition.

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