Cosmetic Dentists in Madison, AL Create Beautiful Smiles

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Dentistry

Teeth that are crooked and chipped can make a person extremely nervous about their appearance. It may get so bad that they don’t want to go to social events or speak in front of their colleagues. This will keep them from enjoying life and getting ahead in their careers. Anyone who finds themselves feeling badly about their teeth should speak to one of the cosmetic dentist in Madison AL. They can explain the treatments available to help them.

Adults often believe that they are too old to get their teeth straightened. They don’t want to look like a teen with metal braces. There are options now for these folks. Brands such as Invisalign use clear aligners to straighten teeth. They are so transparent that most people won’t notice them at all. To get started the cosmetic dentist takes an impression of the upper and lower jaw. After it’s sent to the dental laboratory, a technician scans the information into a computer

The computer then generates a series of clear aligners. These aligners gently move the teeth into their correct position. While they are taken out for eating and teeth cleaning, the aligners should be worn the rest of the time. Every two weeks the dentist will give the patient a new aligner to wear. After the teeth are in their proper location, the patient will have to wear a maintenance retainer for about a year. This ensures that the teeth have solidified their position.

After the teeth are straightened the cosmetic dentist can further enhance their appearance. If a few of the teeth are odd-shaped or have small chips, the dentist can use bonding to augment them. A tooth that has been weakened because of a large amount of decay may need a porcelain crown to protect it. These two techniques are so realistic that no one else will realize that it’s not an original tooth.

veneers are thin shells that are attached to the front of the teeth. They can create a uniform appearance for all of a person’s teeth. Made from resin or porcelain they can cover chips and even fill in odd gaps between teeth. Many brides or grooms turn to veneers to make sure that their wedding photographs look great.


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