What Can You Expect From Swimming Pool Resurfacing in Sarasota FL?

When your pool’s surface is cracking, peeling and fading, you may want to consider Swimming Pool Resurfacing in Sarasota FL. This process can bring new life to your backyard swimming pool and can allow it to be fully protected so it does not become damaged. There are a couple of different options you have when you decide you want to resurface. Through this information, you can learn more about your options so you can make an informed choice on which one will best benefit your pool and your budget.

Fiberglass is a popular choice for Swimming Pool Resurfacing in Sarasota FL because it is so flexible. This helps to keep it resistant to shifts that occur in the ground so you do not experience cracks and damage. First, the contractor will come out and smooth down your current pool surface. If there are any cracks, dips or damage, these will be taken care of before the new surface is put in place. It is important the surface is as smooth as possible so the best look can be achieved.

After the surface is prepared, the contractor will place several alternating coats of resin and fiberglass until the the desired level is reached. The contractor will then place at least three sealant coats on top so your surface is fully protected. Fiberglass typically lasts longer than other options but it can be more expensive.

You also have the option of choosing plaster. This is typically the least expensive method of resurfacing. First, the old plaster is removed and then a new coating is put in place. A bonding coat with one or more layers will be put in place before the resurface project is complete. This helps to ensure you get the proper coverage for your pool surface so it looks beautiful and provides protection.

If you are in need of resurfacing for your pool, contact Sparkling Kleen Pools and Spas. They will be more than happy to schedule a consultation appointment with you so you can learn more about their services and decide which resurfacing option will best benefit you.

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