Strategies For Choosing The Best Sandwich Platters When You Aren’t Sure What People Like

It really isn’t difficult to put together an order for sandwich platters when you know everyone in the office and what they like. This makes planning for an office business meeting, a staff luncheon or even a family event a breeze.

But it can be much more challenging when you don’t really know anyone, or some of the people, that are going to attend. How on earth are you supposed to put together sandwich platters that are going to work for everyone that is in attendance?

There are some simple tips to keep in mind if you are faced with this dilemma. By following them and choosing based on a wide variety of what people may enjoy you really can’t go wrong.

Variety is the Key

When you talk to a top caterer they will often suggest a lot of variety in the sandwich platters that they recommend. This is not just random; it is very important as not all of your guests or attendees will like the same food choices.

By offering an assortment of chicken, roast beef, ham and turkey gourmet sandwiches, and a meatless option such as pimento cheese, you can give guests the opportunity to select what they enjoy or try something new.

Try Creative Options

Many caterers offer some very unique combinations of sandwich platters that are above and beyond your standard deli fare. You can provide a platter of traditional options and then add a platter of unique and very original options.

If you are going to serve sandwiches that may be heavy on the onions, jalapenos or spicy ingredients you may want to clearly label the sandwiches on a simple guide so that everyone knows just what they are getting.

Add the Salads and Sides

In today’s world you will find that sandwich platters are great for most people, and will be much appreciated, but for some people they are a dietary concern. For those with specific dietary requirements such as vegans, vegetarians or those on dairy-free or gluten-free diets add some sides as well.

Trays of meats, cheeses and vegetables are great for those that prefer to skip the bread or buns and assorted fruit platters and hearty salads are an excellent addition to sandwich platters for those that want to really make lunch a meal. Adding sides and options to sandwich platters is a great way to give a large selection to your lunch offering. To see our menu and suggestions go to Facebook or Twitter.

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