Weight Loss in New Haven Centers are Helping Obese People Lose Weight Quickly

People judge each other on the basis of their appearance. Being overweight is a stigma that holds people back in all aspects of their life. They will have a harder time finding a partner on a dating site. Company’s may not hire them at all, because they don’t want to risk higher health insurance premiums. Bosses also may believe that a fat person has less control and discipline on the job than a thin person. Obese people in Connecticut who want to be happier and more successful learn about various Weight Loss New Haven centers. A structured program often helps overweight people stay focused and lose weight quickly.

Weight loss occurs when people burn more calories than they take in. It’s no surprise that overweight people are turning to very low calorie diets to take the pounds off quickly. This type of diet has been approved by the National Institute of Health. Obese people with a BMI over 30 are the ideal candidate for this type of diet. Usually they have at least 30 pounds to lose. They lose from three to four pounds each week. Because of the type of diet, they don’t experience the plateaus that people experience on other diets.

A doctor will meet with them at their first appointment at the Weight Loss New Haven center. He will check their overall health including an EKG for their heart. Blood analysis will confirm they are healthy enough to be on the diet. If they pass this examination, the doctor will explain how the diet works. The patient will be given protein supplements to use in place of some food. This prevents hunger so they are able to stay on the diet. It also prevents them from burning muscle instead of fat. Because the first phase of the diet limits food intake, the patient is also given vitamin supplements.

Each week the dieter will meet with the staff and discuss any problem. The weight loss consultants can recommend exercise, hypnosis or behavioral modification to keep the person on track. Anyone interested in very low calorie diets can contact Medical Weight Loss Solutions. They are one of the companies that specialize in this type of diet.

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