We Both Want the Divorce: Do We Really Need to Hire Two Lawyers?

You and your spouse agree your marriage is over. You have a plan for dividing assets and determining who will keep what. No one wants alimony and you aren’t parents. On the surface, it might seem as if hiring one divorce lawyer in Summit County to take care of the legalities would be fine. Unfortunately, this can be a mistake. Here’s why:

A Lawyer Cannot Act on Behalf of Both Parties

No lawyer can represent both parties in a divorce action, even if it’s an amicable split. Lawyers are bound to do whatever is in the best interests of their clients and under no legal obligation to do anything to protect the interests of the other party.

Even with an amicable split, there may be details that still need to be worked through and your lawyer must focus on your needs relating to these issues. Having two divorce lawyers to help with that makes the entire process simpler.

What Starts Out as Amicable May Not Stay That Way

Everything seems amicable right now, but could that change? It’s not outside the realm of possibility that one spouse may have a change of heart during the process. What happens then? If each party has a divorce lawyer in Summit County, the odds of working through whatever obstacle has arisen without things getting out of hand are a lot better.

There Could Be Unseen Consequences Down the Road

Even when a divorce is amicable, there is a lot of paperwork needed for both sides. A divorce lawyer in Summit County will know when and if there are documents to file in order to protect each spouse’s interests.

The bottom line is that you need your own legal counsel even if your divorce seems uncomplicated and uncontested. Consider it an investment that ensures nothing is overlooked and protects you if an unexpected issue arises. In the end, this approach works best for both parties.

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