Warning Signs You Need to See a Foot Doctor

Your feet are one of the hardest-working members of your body. They bear the full brunt of your body weight each day and must support and balance your entire frame. For the most part, foot problems are easily treated and go away on their own. There are some foot conditions you will need to see the Foot Doctor about. Through this information, you will know the warning signs to look for so you will know when your foot problems are serious enough to warrant a visit to the podiatrist.

1. If you have an open sore that refuses to heal and has been there a long time, it is a good idea to have your doctor take a look at it. This is especially crucial if you are a diabetic patient. Sores that are on the feet for a long period of time can lead to skin and bone infections, which can become serious and be difficult to treat.
2. Color changes in your feet should never be ignored. Redness can be a sign of gout. A pale color could mean your circulation is not working properly in your foot, causing a decreased blood flow. Bluish coloration often mean vein issues.
3. If one of your feet is in pain or is swelling, this could be a sign of problems. It is best to see the Foot Doctor and allow them to thoroughly check your foot so the cause can be found. This can rule out lymphodema and foot injuries. Once the cause of the pain and swelling have been found, they can be treated.
4. Pain when your feet are elevated can be serious sign. This often means the circulation in your feet has been compromised. You will need to see the doctor, to find the cause of your pain and make sure you do not have peripheral artery disease.

If you notice any changes in your foot health, do not hesitate to seek medical treatment. Contact Foot & Ankle Specialists of NJ right away and schedule an appointment. They can provide your feet with the care they need so they remain healthy and free of health concerns.

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