Unruly Canine? Send your Dog To Dog Boot Camp In Chicago

All dogs no matter what breed, size or age, can do well with good leadership, rules, exercise and of course training. A dog wants a strong leader and needs to know where he stands in the pack. When you send your dog to Dog Boot Camp Chicago, you are sending yourself as well.

Basic training skills should begin in early puppy-hood and continue as your dog gets older. Your dog needs to learn how to sit, stay, walk on a leash, know how to behave in the house, and respect people. You should not have to put up with an aggressive dog or a dog that won’t listen. Exercise is necessary for your dog. Many dogs have pent up energy that they need to release. If they don’t get exercise to release that energy, they can become frustrated which will show in their behavior.

The Chicago Canine Academy can help you train your dog so he can live the way that he deserves to live, and that begins with a strong owner. If you are a strong owner, your dog will follow you because they feel safe. It’s not good for a dog to obey out of fear. He should obey because he feels safe with his leadership.

Dog Boot Camp Chicago is a two-week training course. Training is conducted in a controlled classroom setting as well as out in the real world. For the first week of training, the dog is alone with the trainer. During that first week, your dog will learn how to interact with the trainer and learn to trust the trainer. The owner is not allowed during the first week of training. During the second week of training, the owner is welcome to visit and is encouraged to visit. The owner must learn that his behavior has a direct effect on the behavior of the dog. The owner will learn how to handle and work with the dog.

You can rest assured that the professional trainers at Dog Boot Camp Chicago will use their experience and knowledge to help you and your dog be the best team that you can be, and that’s good for everybody.

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