Monitor Drainage Patterns in Ocean County, NJ When Installing a Sprinkler System

Homeowners want a beautiful lawn, but they also want a dry basement. That means that they have to make sure that their landscaping slants away from their house. They also have to be careful that they don’t change their landscape so that drainage pours into their neighbor’s basement. That’s illegal and it could lead to fines. It could also lead to a civil suit for damages. Whenever any landscape company installs an irrigation system, they have to carefully consider the drainage in Ocean County NJ impacts it will have.

Irrigation systems are usually installed to make sure that the lawn and flower beds stay watered during the summer and other dry periods. If the flower beds are placed near the home’s foundation, then technicians will be working in critical areas that affect Drainage Ocean County NJ areas. They need to pay close attention that their construction does not inadvertently slope any area of the landscape toward the basement. They also should look at the quality of the soils and determine if they need to add a layer of gravel. A long soak by the sprinkler may be much different than the half-hearted watering the homeowner used to provide. Soils with a lot of clay might create puddles of sitting water This could breed mosquitoes quite near the home.

Neighbors will not appreciate their plants drowning in run-off from excess watering. It’s important to either channel drainage runoff into other areas or to carefully control the amount of watering at any one time. Professional landscapers know how to use the natural contours of the land to minimize the impacts of drainage patterns. They can use computer models and their own observations to identify low spots in the yard. Then they can put a bed of flowers that love damp soils. Those plants also love to soak up water from the soil around them. If there is a very wet area, landscapers can transform it into a natural contained water feature such as a koi pond. The water can flow into the pond and sit there until it evaporates into the air or seeps into the ground.

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