Unique In-Patient Rehabilitation in West Texas

by | Jul 19, 2013 | Health Care

In-patient rehabilitation can be frightening. Frequently, you’ve been hospitalized and then you’re told to go to another unfamiliar location for rehab. In-patient rehabilitation is offered in a residential setting, rather than on an outpatient basis. Physical rehab programs are usually for people who’ve suffered severe physical trauma, such as a major car accident, or a debilitating illness, like pneumonia.

The goal of In-Patient West Texas is to use all therapy options to get the maximum response from a patient’s body. The facility has physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and medical massage therapy. Each patient has a customized care plan and therapy sessions. The facility is designed with a unique therapy courtyard. It assists recovery by having patients walk on different surfaces, elevations and steps. Patients are also encouraged to use the therapy gym. Crown Point Health Suites has the newest therapeutic technology–the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill. The AlterG allows patients to exercise at a lower body weight, putting less pressure on joints and muscles. Being able to walk on the treadmill, gives patients confidence to finish their rehabilitation.

Crown Point Health Suites is designed to make your stay an enjoyable experience. If you’re doing In-Patient Rehabilitation West Texas, the facility is more like a resort. Crown Point, an in-patient orthopedic rehabilitation center, is divided into four houses. Each house has a team of care-givers including nurses, dietitians, housekeeping and other support staff. Each household has a computer station, with Internet and wifi access. The four houses are built to meet in the community area.

The community area has a 42-inch television and a covered patio. Patients have their own suites in one of the houses. The suites have traditional furniture, beautiful tiled bathroom with an easily accessible shower, a flat-screen television with free cable and a telephone. Guests may have a whirlpool tub in their room, rather than a shower. Each house has a chef and a kitchen, and it’s not the typical institutional dining experience. Guests may dine on their own schedule, select meals or even order room service. Hair salon services are also available on the campus. Rehab will seem more like a vacation in these surroundings. Hopefully, the relaxing environment will help your loved ones recover faster.

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